Oracle Bundle for TextMate, Preview

Posted by Jesper on September 25, 2006

After reading The Pragmatic Programmer this summer, I’ve been trying to follow some of their tips, one of them being

Tip 22: Use a Single Editor Well
Choose an editor, know it thoroughly, and use it for all editing tasks.

My editor of choice is TextMate, one of the very first applications I bought for my Mac. I’ve been using it more and more lately, but unfortunately there’s no support for working with Oracle databases. The supplied SQL bundle works only with MySQL and Postgres, and Google wasn’t any help in finding a bundle specifically for Oracle.

After spending a few hours looking into what these TextMate bundles are, it turns out they’re very, very nifty and it’s not all that difficult to create your own. So, without tiring you with more chatter, I present my first TextMate bundle, the Oracle Bundle.

I could possibly have added Oracle functionality to the existing SQL bundle, but there didn’t seem to be a lot of overlap between MySQL/Postgres and Oracle in terms of the code implementing the bundles, so I decided to create a standalone bundle. So far, it’s only got a few basic features, but I’m hoping to add more as time allows for it. The syntax just piggybacks on the SQL syntax from the SQL bundle, and I haven’t added any support for PL/SQL.

This “preview” has the following commands:

Oracle Bundle Preview

Go ahead and grab your copy here.

Now Hosted at TextDrive

Posted by Jesper on September 20, 2006

I finally got around to signing up for a Mixed Grill account at TextDrive, so I’ve begun moving my sites and mail-services over. Apart from a small hiccup in the account creation, everything has been working great at TextDrive so far.

This means that I can finally start posting here without worrying about incoming traffic making my residential DSL connection the electronic version of the dreaded M3 freeway here in Copenhagen.

First thing coming up within the next couple of days is a TextMate bundle for Oracle that I’ve been working on—but more on that later.