RailsConf 2008 Europe Announced

Posted by Jesper on January 21, 2008

David just announced RailsConf Europe ‘08:

The conference is returning to Berlin and the conference will happen between the 2nd and 4th of September.

Registration will open in May 2008. Hope to see you there.

RailsConf 2008: Submit Your Proposals

Posted by Jesper on October 30, 2007

We were there

You can now submit your proposal for RailsConf 2008 taking place May 29-June 1, in Portland.

With that off my chest, I can move on to the real purpose for this post: The photo, taken at RailsConf 2007 and featured on the frontpage of the RailsConf 2008 site, has yours truly and Morten Christensen smack in the center!

At RailsConf Europe in Berlin

Posted by Jesper on September 17, 2007

Just got in. Looking forward to lots of fun in the coming days. I’ll be tumbling my notes at railsconf07.productive.dk.

If you need a freelancer for your (next) project, come find me and lets talk. If you don’t need a freelancer, come have a chat anyway ;)

Buzzword driven recruiting

Posted by Jesper on August 02, 2007

InfoQ has an interesting article on whether specific technology knowledge matter when recruiting. The short answer: No—although most companies don’t realize this.
Make sure you check out the Flickr photo of a Ruby job ad, it got quite a few laughs at RailsConf.

Notes from RailsConf 2007

Posted by Jesper on May 18, 2007

I’m tumbling my notes from RailsConf at railsconf07.productive.dk.

See you at RailsConf 2007!

Posted by Jesper on February 07, 2007

Yay! Just bought my ticket for RailsConf 2007 today. Apparently tickets are going fast, so hurry up if you want to go.

I signed up for the conference and tutorials, so I’ll be in Portland from Wednesday evening through Sunday afternoon—probably missing the last keynotes since there doesn’t seem to be any flights back home later than 4 pm.

For a while I was planning on going to RailsConf Europe in Berlin instead, but after adding up the cost of going to Portland (conference fee, flights, hotel) I was surprised to find that it looks like it’ll be cheaper than last year trip to JAOO—which is just a 3 hour drive from where I live! But then JAOO prices are pretty steep.

Leave a comment or give me a call if you want to meet up in Portland.