Edit Page bookmarklet, Updated for Portal 10.1.4

Posted by Jesper on April 17, 2006

With the release of Oracle Portal 10.1.4, Oracle replaced the URL format

with the somewhat nicer

On top of this you may add rewrite rules to your page groups, so that you can in fact end up with some fairly nice URLs, that are both speakable and search engine friendly. The URLs are constructed from the page group name and page name, so don’t forget to update the names of your pages and page groups, to remove spaces and other unwanted characters in the URLs.

Unfortunately my Edit Page bookmarklet didn’t work with the new URL format, so here’s an updated version that works with both 10.1.4 and older versions:

Bookmark this link: Edit Page, to add the updated bookmarklet.

My Journey to Macland

Posted by Jesper on April 07, 2006

My new MacBook Pro finally arrived last Friday. Here are my first experiences from life on the other side:

  • Last Friday: Unpacking, installing essential software. Everything just works?!
  • Saturday and Sunday: Installing more software, moving all my work-related files over. Had some great laughs with the famliy while playing with iSight and Photo Booth. Front Row rocks. No troubles yet—it just freakin’ works! I’m slowly realizing how much I’ve gotten used to software not working.
  • Monday: First day working with the MBP. Had the old Windows laptop in the bag, just in case. Didn’t need it, though. OS X found the office network-printer all by itself, it just showed in the list of printers. Way to go!
  • Tuesday: Left the Windows laptop at home. The co-workers might be a little tired by now of me showing something oh-so-cool, every 10 minutes. Frederik mentioned the MBP looks awfully nice together with the Fritz Hansen table and the Arne Jacobsen chairs in the conference room.
  • Wednesday: I decided to retire my almost new and very buggy Windows Mobile powered Qtek phone, and replace it with a Sony Ericsson from Apple’s list of supported Bluetooth phones. Need I mention that Bluetooth syncing just works perfectly? Also today Apple released Boot Camp. I installed Windows XP and in an odd way it feelt like I did something terribly wrong, so I decided to only set aside 5 gigs of diskspace for Windows. I’d still prefer VMware or something similar, over dual booting.
  • Thursday: I migrated over my Outlook calendar and contacts in preparations for completely retiring the Windows laptop. Finally figured out that there’s a prerelease build of Firefox available as a universal binary know as Deer Park and it’s way faster than the PPC build of Firefox I was actually a bit disappointed by the speed of the MBP, as I spend a great deal of time in Firefox, but not after installing Deer Park, yay!
  • This Friday: Blogging about the past week…